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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bring Back short Shorts!

Now that we're hurtling towards summer here in the UK (although with OUR luck, those glorious 10days of amazing weather back in March was probably our summer!), my thoughts are nervously turning towards the prospect of lots of semi-naked guys in shorts strolling about. I say nervously, because along with those perfectly toned calves and torsos on display, I also have to accept that there will be many guys who really shouldn't unleash their acres of pale gooseflesh, moobs and badly drawn tattoos on an unsuspecting public.

That said - and I probably deserve everything I get for suggesting this - I'm hoping that 2012 will be the year that 'short' shorts finally make a comeback. Don't get me wrong, I love boardshorts, but whereas the ladies' hemlines seem to have risen again over these last few years, the guys shorts length seems to have continued to increase. I loved when boardshorts first hit the UK, but then they were replaced by the three-quarter length and the ankle length 'trouser shorts'. For a guy like me that loves male legs, this is just plain wrong!!!

I urge you all, if you have a half decent pair of legs, let those thighs and calves breath this summer. Don't be selfish, share them with the world and bring back 'short' shorts!!! :)


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